Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things to be Thankful for: Democratic Party Edition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Since writing yesterday's post about the exciting trends in Republican governance at the state level, I have been bombarded with questions about whether I also see any positive developments on the Democratic side of the aisle. Of course I do! In our two-party system, it is axiomatic that any praiseworthy development in one party is always balanced by an equally praiseworthy development in the other party!

So here's what I'm thankful for on the Democratic party side! While the Party in general is mired in a lack of bipartisanship and an extreme ideology that doesn't appeal to moderate voters in the swing states, there is one segment of the Democrats that is successful, dynamic, and provides a model for how to move forward: retired Democratic members of Congress! There are so many great examples of Democrats who have left Congress to become models of bipartisan integrity, showing that it is possible both to be a liberal and to represent the interests of big business! Harold Ford! Evan Bayh! And now the greatest Senator in History looks set to become the greatest ex-Senator in history: Joe Lieberman! Surely if America is to move forward, these great men will show the way!

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