Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spreading Democracy

Now that it looks like bombing Syria is off the table as the Assad regime destroys its stocks of chemical weapons, who do you think we should bomb? Leave your suggestions in the comments!


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    1. Interesting choice! It's not the first country that would have occurred to me, but I suppose that Punchy has been troublesome lately!

      A hearty "good day" to you, Ms Diamond, and to all of my Canadian Readers, ay?

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    1. That's it Lee? Is that all you can come up with as a retort? Wolf earned two points on this, rather than the customary one-point-per-jab scoring system. Wolf earns one point for the original verbal jab ('Ms. Diamond') and one point for the fact that all you can come up with is to copy Wolf. Wait! Wait! The judges have just notified me that they are awarding Wolf two additional points (for a total score of Wolf - 4, Ms Diamond - 0). They say one additional point is for your flattery of Wolf by imitation, and an additional point for Wolf because you capitalized your 'Ms.', as though you thought that would stop your irrelevance from being noticed. Game, point, and match for Wolf. Thanks for playing Lee. (Oh, by the way, aren't you glad that Wolf didn't bring up that issue about your amnesia?)

    2. Few have stepped into the ring with Wolfgang Amadeus Blitzer without getting a bloody nose or two!