Saturday, December 14, 2013

In Praise of Statesmanship

Other duties have kept me away from blogging for the past few days, but never fear, I'm back! What's on my mind today is the historic budget deal negotiated this week. While this deal falls short of the sort of grand compromise that we so desperately need (oh how I long for entitlement reform and massive deficit reduction!), it is a hopeful sign that the grownups are back in charge and that Bipartisan Sensibleness is possible in Washington once again!

So let us praise the statesmen who made this deal possible. First, Rep. Paul Ryan. He forcefully penetrated the nation's consciousness with his brilliant insights into budgetary matters, and powerfully thrust himself into the debate over the role of government. Then he bravely, even heroicly, stood up to extremists in his own party who would refuse to compromise! So I salute you Paul Ryan for your muscular assertion of your principles; I stand before you in awe!

Next consider Sen. Patty Murray. She was very gracious during the negotiation process, and was highly receptive to overtures from her negotiating partner. She helped gestate some good approaches, gave birth to an important compromise, and really nursed the process along. She also performed a valuable service by managing the unruly children in her own party who would insist on a budget that would reflect the priorities that most of the country shares. Good job, Patty!


  1. Wolfgang-- your analysis of the contributions of these two politicians seems somewhat slanted, and even sexist.

    1. Anonymous-- that's just the sort of shrillness that will turn of moderate voters in the swing states!