Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Balanced Perspective on Benghazi

The New York Times' investigation of the September 2012 events in Benghazi, Libya should force right-wing extremists to abandon their most extreme accusations against the Administration! The Administration's preliminary assessment that al Qaeda was not involved in the attacks has held up, as have its initial claims that attackers took advantage of a demonstration motivated by outrage over an offensive anti-Islamic video. However, left-wing extremists, and the Administration, must likewise come to terms with a fact that has never been refuted: THEY EDITED THE TALKING POINTS!


  1. That's right, Wolfgang! Editing those talking points - it's worse than lying about Iraqi WMDs!

    1. Interesting perspective, Anonymous! I'm not saying that editing the talking points is worse than lying about Iraqi WMDs, but it is something that's "out there" and part of the conversation.

    2. Well, considering the time Congress has spent investigating Benghazi and the time it spent investigating the Iraqi WMDs, I'd say that Congress agrees with me! Not that I like Congress! But it's nice to be agreed with!

    3. I couldn't agree with you more! I love to be agreed with! Especially by smart people like you!