Sunday, December 1, 2013

A David Brooks Study Guide

Here's the brilliant and eloquent David Brooks, talking about the problems with Obamacare on today's Meet the Press
I have to say, people are appraising whether this government can work. Can government be nimble? Can it learn from its mistakes? And I would say the website is just a small symptom that is not nimble. Government is like an offensive lineman. It can do something really well. It can do blocking. It can create order. But when you ask government to be a wide receiver, then you're asking two things it can't do. And I think we're in a situation like that. We're asking it to do things it can't do. Republicans win elections when Democrats overreach by asking government to do things it can't do.
What genius! I love this so much, that I encourage all of my fans to read it repeatedly! I have provided the following questions as a study guide to help you get all that you can out of this thoughtful statement about government!

1. Are offensive linemen nimble?
2. Should government be a wide receiver?
3. When you ask government to be a wide receiver, what are the two things that you're asking that it can't do? (hint: it isn't correct to say "be wide" and "be a receiver.")
4. Why does creating order require only "blocking" whereas creating a health care exchange requires "nimbleness."
5. What happens when Democrats try to get government to do things that help people (other than create order)?
6. Why should Democrats bother to win elections?


  1. I think those are important questions, Wolfgang. And they are questions that important journalists should ask. Only time will tell whether those questions will help government be nimble--and I hope they do.